Landscapes or cityscapes from here and there, but mostly out in the mountains

Single Tree

Single tree, up on a hill.

Cascade des Planches

Cascade des Planches près Arbois. A nice waterfall, hidden in the woods.


Reflection of the Matterhorn in the Grindjsee, with the trees in autumn colors.

Sunset on the Matterhorn

Magic moment of the sunset over the Matterhorn, one of the most famous mountain of Switzerland.


The most famous mountain of Switzerland, logo for the Toblerone chocolate: The Matterhorn

In the mountains

View of the Shiesshorn, near Arosa (Switzerland)

Mont Saint Michel

The famous monastery "Mont Saint Michel" in France, in the sunset.


The Landwasserviadukt, a stone viaduct in the Swiss alps for the Rhb train.


The Biker

A biker, passing by a tree in the sunset, leaving behind a light trail in the night.

Light Trails

Light trails of cars passing by, on the way from Göschenen to Andermatt

Path in the woods

Walking way in the woods.


Lag la Cauma

Cauma Lake, in Switzerland. This lake has a particular green color.


Aletsch glacier, in Wallis, Switzerland. One of the biggest glaciers in Switzerland.


Mountain summit, hidden in the fog. Churfristen, Switzerland

"Old" Zurich

Vintage processing of a Zurich shot from the Polyterrasse.

Zermatt Panorama

Panorama above Zermatt, Switzerland, with the Matterhorn overlooking the valley.

Château Chillon

View of Chateau Chillon, a castle on the south end of the Leman Lake in Switzerland.


Spiderweb of streets

View of the streets of Zurich at night, from the Uetliberg


Ski free-riders in the Italian Alps.

Chateau Chillon

The Chateau Chillon, on the south end of the Leman Lake in Switzerland.


Alley in Vienna, Austria.


Above the Landwasserviadukt. This stone bridge is up to 80m high, and goes right into the mountain wall. It is part of the Unesco world heritage.


Zürich Grossmünster

Bridge leading to the Grossmünster in Zürich, Switzerland. The green color comes from the chemicals used in the lamps, and lasts only for a few seconds before turning yellow/white.


Waterfall in "Cirque de Consolation", France

Mountain View

Mountain in the canton of Glarus, Switzerland

Green Fields